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AM/FM-108K - AM/FM Radio Kit and Training Course
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The unique design of these kits allows the components to be placed over their corresponding symbols in the schematic drawing on the surface of the printed circuit board during assembly. This technique maximises the learning process while keeping the chances of assembly error to a minimum.

Both kits are supplied with very comprehensive manuals, which detail assembly, offer advice, and explain theory of operation of the radios. The radios are constructed in sections with each section being completely tested before moving on to the next, reducing difficult troubleshooting associated with some other kits.

Both kits include a high quality printed circuit board with schematic printed on the surface, all components, a battey, and solder - the only extras required are basic tools such as a soldering iron and wire cutters/strippers. The manual is easy to understand and assumes no previous electronics knowledge. Each radio kit PCB has been designed so that no cabinet is necessary, and a stand is included for supporting the radio for use in any location and displaying the achievement of the student.


Model AM/FM-108CK (Combination transistor and IC)

This AM/FM radio kit comprises a clearly labelled printed circuit board, detailed training manual, and all components.

The manual is divided into nine easy-to-follow lessons:

  1. Audio Amplifier

  2. AM Detector

  3. AM IF

  4. AM Amplifier

  5. AM Mixer and Oscillator

  6. FM Detector

  7. First FM IF

  8. Second FM IF

  9. FM RF

The completed kit forms a "superheterodyne" receiver of standard AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulated) broadcast frequencies.

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AM/FM-108K - AM/FM Radio Kit and Training Course
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