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Microprofessor MPF-1B Z80 Training System
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System Overview

The Flite MPF-1B is a unique computer system which has been designed specifically as a learning tool for use in the teaching of microprocessor, microelectronics, and control technology. Beware of imitations - the MPF-1B was the first and is still the best introduction to this exciting field of technology. Originally designed by the giant Acer Corporation as a training tool, Flite Electronics now own the world-wide rights to this product that, with over 10,000 in use, is so popular other companies have started to make illegal imitations.

Only with the British-made Flite MPF-1B can you be guaranteed the high quality and reliability associated with all Flite Electronics products.

Based on the popular Z80 microprocessor, and with many thousands of systems installed at educational establishments worldwide, its well-proven documentation, course notes, and experiment programs make it the most cost-effective eight-bit microprocessor training in the world!

In its simplest form, the MPF-1B provides the ideal introduction to microprocessor technology, through the use of machine code entered via its built-in keyboard. Used in conjunction with our PC-based macro cross assembler package the MPF-1B may also be used as a target system, making it suitable for the most advanced microprocessor courses. By inserting the optional Z80 peripheral chips, the MPF-1B becomes a powerful controller with sixteen digital input/output lines and four counter/timer channels. We also have a range of options desiged to fill every learning need from simple experiments with switches and lamps to a complete closed loop control system.


CPU Zilog Z80 CPU with 158 instructions operating at 1.79MHz
System Clock 3.58MHz crystal oscillator divided by two reulting in a 0.56 microsecond cycle time
RAM 6116 2Kbyte static RAM
User RAM Address Range: 1800h-1FFFh
ROM 2764 8Kbytes EPROM
Monitor EPROM Address Range: 0000h-17FFh
Memory Expansion Socket for 2732/2764 EPROM or 6116/6264 Static RAM
On-board Expansion Address Range: 2000h-3FFFh
I/O Ports 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) chip providing 24 digital I/O lines (used by system for keyboard scanning and control of seven-segment LED displays)
Input/Output Address Range: 00h-03h
Socket for optional Z80 Peripheral Input/Output (PIO) chip providing 16 digital I/O lines
Input/Output Address Range: 80h-83h
Socket for optional Z80 Counter/Timer (CTC) chip providing four independent counter/ timer channels
Input/Output Address Range: 40h-43h
Display Six digit half-inch seven-segment red LED display
Keyboard 36 keys including, 16 hexadecimal keys, 19 function keys, and one user-definable key
Speaker A 1.5 inch diameter speaker is provided for use by user
Audio Tape Interface Ear and microphone jacks for connection to audio cassette recorders for program storage and retrieval
Data transmission rate: 165 bits per second
Wire Wrap Area A 3.5 inch by 1.36 inch wire wrapping area is provided to aid user expansion and prototyping
Power Supply The board operates from a single 5V power supply and has a current consumption of 500mA
A 110/120V 50/60Hz or 220/240V 50/60Hz power adapter is included (please specify which is required when ordering)
Physical Characteristics Dimensions: 1575mm wide, 2230mm deep, 160mm high without case
Weight: 1.41lb including case
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Microprofessor MPF-1B Z80 Training System
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